Bridgend community members take Steps to Excellence

Published on Friday, 15 December, 2017

Between 2016 and 2017 Welsh Government funded Bridgend Communities First has been delivering the ‘Steps to Excellence’ course throughout the Bridgend area. The course has drawn a diverse group of community members with a total of 46 participants completing the course and gaining a qualification.

The course is designed by The Pacific Institute; who are acknowledged as a pioneer of techniques for increasing personal and organisational effectiveness and productivity. The goal of the Pacific Institute is to discover and share insights and concepts, techniques and skills that will allow the greatest number of people to release and develop more of their potential.

Two Learning Officers from Bridgend Communities First; Jessica and Jenifer delivered the course which provides tools to the participants for personal success and is suitable for anyone. It is especially good for long term unemployed people as it develops motivation, self- belief and confidence to go onto further training and find jobs.

The course also aims to help people to build a better future for themselves, by helping them to overcome barriers, assisting them to unlock their potential, challenging them to think positively and visualise what they want by stretching their comfort zones and setting goals. In addition to this, many participants have commented that the course has helped them with their interpersonal relationships especially those with children.

A get together was recently held for those who completed the course. It was a great opportunity for those who had attended Steps to get together, meet with others who had completed the course in different parts of the county borough and participate in refresher activities.

Participants commented:

“I found Steps very challenging, inspiring and encouraging. It made me look at myself and preconceived ideas, doing this allowed me to form new ideas and thought patterns. This created a sense of positivity. Thank you.”

“Steps gave me the confidence to do things I did not think were possible to do again. I am grateful for the experience and loved it. Steps to Excellence is awesome. Thanks loads!”

“The course was very helpful and it has made me speak out about my confidence issues and self-image. It made me realise not to think about what others think and to just do what I want to do and stop worrying.  It has lifted my confidence massively.”