What’s on

Drop in sessions

Come and meet a mentor in your local area and find out more about the support Communities for Work can offer. If you are eligible and are interested in receiving support you can enrol on the day.

Day: Meet us at: Time:
Monday Evanstown Community Centre 1pm-4pm
Monday Sarn Life Centre 1pm-3pm
Monday Bridgend Library 1.30pm-3pm
Tuesday Caerau Development Trust 10am-3pm
Tuesday Sarn Life Centre 10am-12pm
Tuesday Betws Life Centre 9.30am-1pm
Tuesday Pyle Life Centre 9am-12pm
Tuesday Maesteg Library 9.30am-12.30pm
Wednesday Fairfield Centre 10am-12pm
Wednesday Pyle Library 9am-12pm
Wednesday YMCA Bridgend 10am-12pm
Wednesday Sarn Life Centre 10am-12pm
Wednesday Yellow Wales 10am-4pm
Thursday Caerau Development Trust  9am-2pm
Thursday Sarn Life Centre 10am-12pm
Thursday The Zone, Bridgend 9am-4pm
Friday Sarn Life Centre 10am-12pm
Friday Y Llynfi Library 2pm-4pm

For more information, contact the team:

T: 01656 643400

E: c4w@bridgend.gov.uk

Or, fill out the enquiry form below.

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