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Published on Wednesday, 2 August, 2017

1 August – 22 December 2017:
Mondays at Bettws Library, 10am – 12pm (T: 01656 754824)
Mondays at Pyle Library, 2 – 4pm (T: 01656 754850)
Tuesdays at Maesteg Library, 10am – 12pm (T: 01656 754835)
Thursdays at Bridgend Library, 10am – 12pm (T: 01656 754830)
Fridays at Sarn Library, 10am – 12pm (T: 016756 754853)

  • How do I get online?
  • Can you help me use jobs search websites?
  • Is it safe to shop online?
  • How do you use price comparison websites?
  • What are mobile apps?
  • How do you send emails?
  • What is social media?

We can answer all your questions and more!

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Awen Cultural Trust working in partnership with Bridgend Communities First.