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In order to support healthier communities across the three Bridgend Communities First cluster areas.

We work with a range of partners to offer a range of healthy living sessions and have been instrumental in supporting people who are physically inactive and have underlying health issues made worse by poor lifestyle choices such as poor diet and lack of physical exercise.

Last year, we welcomed 286 people to our physical wellbeing programmes.

Bridgend Communities First aims to:

  • reduce the percentage of the population with a limiting long term illness;
  • reduce the percentage of people who are obese;
  • reduce percentage of births with a low birth rate.

Key facts for Bridgend Communities First areas: 

The following statistics provide a baseline for the Communities First areas in Bridgend County Borough, compared to the Welsh average. Welsh Government complied these figures following the realignment of the Communities First programme in April 2012.

Average male life expectancy:
Lower Cluster: 73.2%
Mid Cluster: 74.1%
Upper Cluster: 72.5%
Welsh average: 77.6%
All three cluster areas are BELOW the Welsh average

Average female life expectancy: 
Lower Cluster: 79.7%
Mid Cluster: 78.1%
Upper Cluster: 77.4%
Welsh average: 81.8%
All three cluster areas are BELOW the Welsh average

Cancer incidence rate (out of 100,000): 
Lower Cluster: 630
Mid Cluster: 594
Upper Cluster: 653
Welsh average: 575 All three cluster areas are ABOVE the Welsh average

Households with one or more person with a limiting long-term illness:
Lower Cluster: 35.4%
Mid Cluster: 36.3%
Upper Cluster: 37.4%
Welsh average: 30.4%
All three cluster areas are ABOVE the Welsh average


Flu vaccination is free for those in certain groups and is available now!

Flu season is here...logo

Some people think flu is just a bad cold, but it isn’t; flu is much worse than that. Symptoms start suddenly and can be severe - they usually include fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles, and often a cough and sore throat.

Most people who are fit and well recover fully from flu, but for some people flu can cause serious illnesses that can lead to needing hospital treatment. Flu spreads easily and causes many deaths every winter.

Read more >>>

Who can have the FREE seasonal flu vaccination?
The flu vaccine is available FREE on the NHS for people at greater risk from the effects of flu; these include:

  • Those aged 65 or over
  • Those with chronic medical conditions including heart or chest problems, asthma, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, neurological conditions, stroke (or mini stroke), or spleen problems;
  • People with lowered immunity due to either a medical condition or taking medication;
  • Those with a BMI of 40+;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Children aged two, three and four years and those in Reception Class and Years 1 and 2 and 3 in Primary School;
  • People living in a nursing or residential home;
  • Carers;
  • Community First Responders, and people working in voluntary organisations providing planned first aid, such as St John’s Ambulance.

The flu vaccination can be given by a GP or Pharmacist. Those who are not in the above groups can get their flu vaccination from a pharmacist for the cost of around £10. Further details visit


10 healthy steps to a healthy child's weightposter

Bringing up children is a big responsibility, so Public Health Wales has launched ‪#‎10steps to a healthy weight to make it easy to understand what you can do as a parent, grandparent or carer to help your child have the best start and be a healthy weight by age five - click here >>>

Some of them you may know, but we bet there are a few surprises!

Please share with family and friends so we can all work together to ensure our children are given the best start in life by being a healthy weight.


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Contact us:

Upper Cluster >>>
Jeremy Dimond - Healthy Living Officer T: 01656 643 518 E:

Mid Cluster >>>
Cindy Lawrence - Healthy Living Officer T: 01656 815 156  E:

Lower Cluster >>>
Graham Davies - Healthy Living Officer T: 01656 81 5135/ 07815 527 136 E: