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The longer that somebody spends not in employment, education or training, the harder it is for them to reach and re-engage with education. This means that we face a generation that will never fulfil its potential or achieve its ambitions.

According to a recent Bridgend Adult Community Learning survey, 28% of non-Bridgend Communities First participants had no qualifications compared to 56% living in Bridgend Communities First postcode areas.

Bridgend Communities First aims to:

  • help families to be engaged in their children’s education;
  • increase educational attainment amongst all ages;
  • increase the number of adults with educational qualifications;
  • increase opportunities for those not in employment, education or training.

Key facts for Bridgend Communities First areas:

The following statistics provide a baseline for the Communities First areas in Bridgend County Borough, compared to the Welsh average. Welsh Government compiled these figures following the realignment of the Communities First programme in April 2012.

Percentage of 18 – 19 year olds not entering higher education:
Lower Cluster: 83%
Mid Cluster: 87%
Upper Cluster: 83%
Welsh average: 68%
All three cluster areas are ABOVE the Welsh average

Persons aged 16 or over with qualifications:
Lower Cluster: 33.5%
Mid Cluster: 40%
Upper Cluster: 41.9%
Welsh average: 68%
All three cluster areas are BELOW the Welsh average

Secondary school absence rates:
Lower Cluster: 11.5%
Mid Cluster: 11.2%
Upper Cluster: 10.9%
Welsh average: 8.8%
All three cluster areas are ABOVE the Welsh average

Persons achieving qualifications equivalent to GCSE A* - C including English and Maths:
Lower Cluster: 35.5%
Mid Cluster: 32.2%
Upper Cluster: 31.9%
Welsh average: 50.6%
All three cluster areas are BELOW the Welsh average


Contact us:

Upper Cluster:
Phil Jones - Lifelong Learning Officer
T: (01656) 642619 / 07792 663645
E: phil.jones@bridgend.gov.uk

Mid Cluster:
Jennifer Roberts - Lifelong Learning Officer
T: (01656) 643693 / 07815 525017
E: Jennifer.Roberts@bridgend.gov.uk

Lower Cluster :
Jessica Jones - Lifelong Learning Officer
T: (01656) 643634
E: Jessica.Jones@bridgend.gov.uk