Sweet set up at Adi’s dessert café, Bridgend

Published on Thursday, 27 July, 2017

Communities First and Communities for Work assisted Kate and Emma in their determination to set up a local café by providing courses as both of the women were in postcode area.

With the support of Communities First staff, Kate and Emma signed up  and completed an Entry Level 3 Cake Decorating course, a three day, Level 3 Food Safety courses and a Level 2 First Aid course. After completing the food safety course the pair achieved a five star food hygiene rating! Kate was also enrolled onto the Communities for Work programme. Janet, Kate’s adviser from Communities for Work was able to give support and guidance to her during the time that she and Emma were looking to open their dessert business and directed her to Communities First for courses that they needed or could give them more skills and confidence.

Janet has also assisted them in looking for further cake making courses as Kate and Emma really benefited from the entry level 3 cake decorating course. Emma and Kate have big plans to expand the business and add new ranges.

With new cafés, restaurants and bars popping up all over Bridgend town centre Adi’s dessert café is a new, welcome addition to Bridgend town centre’s food scene. Set up by local business women and mothers, Kate and Emma, Adi’s is a desert café with a difference. After meeting at a board meeting for which they were both trustees they strengthened their friendship at the school gates. They soon became good friends and decided to look into setting up a business together. They chose Bridgend town centre because, both having grown up in Bridgend, they are passionate about bringing local, family run shops back into the town centre.

Emma and Kate both have a set of close knit family and friends, many of whom have dietary requirements or preferences and they found that finding somewhere that was suitable for everyone was hard. This sparked their inspiration that led them to research setting up a local dessert café where everyone could come, regardless of their requirements and enjoy a large choice of good quality, flavoursome, locally sourced desserts.

Adi’s caters for gluten, lactose, soy and nut intolerances and for vegans and vegetarians. They have over thirty flavours of ice-cream in stock, sourced locally from Upton Farm in Pembroke and then Yard Farm in Plymouth. These ice-creams can then be paired with their best-selling bubble waffles, regular waffles, American pancakes or crepes.

When asked what advice they would have for anyone else in the community looking to set up a business they said: “Do your research, work hard and plan! It’s a long process but if you put in the groundwork it will be much easier. Also, see what courses and guidance you can get for free in your local area because this saved us money and gave us the additional skills and confidence that we needed.”

For further information please contact Bridgend Communities First, T: 01656 643514, E: communitiesfirst@bridgend.gov.uk

Communities for Work, T: 01656 643 400, E: c4w@bridgend.gov.uk