Vik has taken steps to change her life thanks to Bridgend Communities First and Communities for Work

Published on Tuesday, 14 November, 2017

Vik from Caerau says that she can already see how her life is changing thanks to the techniques she has been learning with support from Bridgend Communities First and Communities for Work.

Jackie, a Mentor from Communities for Work met with Vik a few months ago to discuss Vik’s background, skills and ambitions and how Communities for Work could support her. Vik particularly wanted to gain experience supporting others by sharing her excellent IT skills but felt that she lacked the confidence and experience to do this. Jackie discussed a number of Communities First courses with her and referred her onto a mindfulness course, stress management course and ‘Steps to Excellence’ course with Communities First.

Until recently, Vik had nothing in her diary. She had been struggling with anxiety and mental health and didn’t want to leave the house. However, after turning up for day one of the ‘Steps to Excellence’ course, she enjoyed it so much that she couldn’t wait for the next three days of the course.

Vik says that Bridgend Communities First’s ‘Steps to Excellence’ course was inspirational and in the few weeks since she took part, she has been signing up for new things and getting out and about. She is currently attending Yoga and Mindfulness sessions, has signed up for the gym, started Tai Chi and African drumming, has taken up crochet, took part in reducing stress sessions, completed a construction and first aid course and has signed up for a paediatric first aid course.

Vik is also volunteering at Caerau Development Trust where she knows some of the staff and meets with Jackie on a weekly basis. When Caerau Development Trust encountered issues with the IT system, Vik volunteered to help and has been helping them with the computers ever since. She has also been building a website for a music therapy group which is what her background is in. Vik says that being involved in all these activities has helped to reduce her stress and anxiety as she always has something to do and it’s made a big difference to her life already.

Vik and her partner (who also attended the ‘Steps’ course) have also written a five year plan together to set themselves targets and plan and dream for the future.

Vik commented: “Steps to Excellence is one of the best things that I have ever done! It has helped me to get out of the house which was the biggest step. I would say it was the best first step for people to get involved in learning and employment opportunities. It has helped me address and identify different things in my life that were holding me back. ‘Steps’ is almost like a reset button, you can re-position yourself and it changes the way that you think.

“The course isn’t a ‘hard to understand’ course; it’s really accessible. They have taken a complicated concept and broken it down into ‘steps’ which I found really helpful. The course has helped me to realise that there is nothing standing in my way apart from my beliefs.”

Bridgend Communities First has a wide range of free courses available for those living in Bridgend Communities First postcode areas, for further details visit or call 01656 643514.

Communities for Work – Working in partnership with Communities and Job Centre Plus. The scheme has been supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. To find out how Communities for Work can help you, call 01656 643 400 or E:



Working in partnership with Communities and Job Centre Plus. The scheme has been supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.